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Salin Plus Replacement Salt Filter


Salin Plus salt is exclusively sourced from Europe’s largest salt mine in Slanic Prahova, Romania. This salt contains over 98% sodium chloride with trace elements of calcium chloride, magnesium and iodine, making it well known for its outstanding therapeutic quality.

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Product Description

Salin Plus is an award-winning medical device that combines the functionality of traditional air purifiers with the healing qualities of salt therapy in one, easy to use device. The device removes airborne pollutants, such as dust and pollen whilst releasing tiny, therapeutic salt ions that for a clean and consistent sleep.

Salin Plus Salt Therapy is a great alternative to other home devices such as humidifiers, salt lamps and air purifiers. Enjoy cleaner, purer air AND the healing benefits of salt therapy at home, so you can breathe better, sleep better.

Salin Plus Replacement Salt Filter

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