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Grow It


The one off. Get your hands on one months supply of Grow It. That’s 60 capsules – our recommended daily dose is 2 capsules per day. Get growing with Grow It, the perfect foundation to encourage stronger, longer, thicker hair.

Product Description

Healthy hair starts from within. Like our bodies, our hair requires nutrients to grow well and stay strong. Our cells are constantly reproducing and they do this according to the quality of nutrients we take in. So, it’s important to get the foundation right. What we take internally can help our bodies produce healthier cells and provide the foundation to help us look our best.

Throughout our research with several Hair Stylists, we realised that they needed something extra to help their clients get to the root of problem hair. Most hair products go directly on to the hair and mask underlining problems that need to be treated from within. We realized that in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, taking a supplement with specific nutrients needed by hair can be extremely helpful in making hair healthy, shiny and voluminous from within.

So, we have put a lot of resources and research into making an effective, high quality, holistic natural hair supplement. We are very excited about our new Grow It supplement which creates the perfect foundation to encourage stronger, longer, thicker hair.

Grow It

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